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Rachel B

After having a good experience with our fireplace hearth, we again went to Klassic Stone for a counter top as part of a main bath renovation. We visited he shop where the salesperson was helpful in identifying pieces of granite that had the pattern and colors we wanted. The stone was cut to the measurements we provided with a 1/4 bevel edge, and we requested one of the oval sink bowls they offered.

Klassic Stone delivered and set the counter top, and cut openings for our sink on site. We were very pleased with the workmanship.

Rachel B


Happy Customers

Went there as a suggestion from a friend and the best decision we could have made! I even work at a big box store the pricing is the same and I'd rather a small family business get our money! They did an amazing job and told us to go 5 min down the road to pick out our slab!! All said and done in 1 week!

Raider Marine


I do not like reviews that just say "good" or "bad". So here is my review in detail for the two vanity tops installed. First, they are a family run business, which I personally like. They were prompt to take me around and look at the available pieces, found some nice remnants, and scheduled work for the near future. Their turnaround time for me was within one week after measuring the installed vanities. Two beautiful pieces arrived and were installed without issue (vanities were intact, no damage to the wood or anything else). However, we noticed two problems - one was the wrong piece (we ordered a specific side of the granite piece for the lighter color) and the other had the faucet hole alignment slightly off. There were also some blemish problems with the piece that was the wrong color (some small chips and a scratch). It was installed on a Friday and I called the following Monday, thinking I would have to argue my case with a resistant business. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how quickly Kim (owner) wanted to remedy the situation. Zero resistance, sincerity in apologies, and insisted on making it right. Within a week we had two new pieces installed that are BEAUTIFUL and could not be happier with the customer service. I would recommend this place to anyone. Bottom line: Stuff goes wrong, mistakes happen, but a good business will make sure their customer is happy. This is the place you want to go.

Terry Keathley


We were re-doing our fireplace and were initially going to have a tile surround and raised hearth. However, we decided to obtain a piece of stone for the raised hearth which we purchased from Klassic Stone. Overall, the experience was good. For our relatively small project, we looked at "remnants" of granite and other other stones that had been left over from larger counter top projects. We were looking only for a 2ft x 5ft piece for the hearth, and Klassic Stone had several to choose from. We were advised that if we saw something we liked, we should run with it as the remnant pieces are "first come, first served".

To get a budgetary price, we gave the approximate dimensions which were put into an open (pro forma) invoice for us. This was perhaps our only area of confusion (and the reason I didn't offer a 5/5 stars). When my wife returned (after confirming compatibility with the color choice for surrounding tile, furniture choices, etc.) with the exact dimensions, the staff was careful to have her sign off on the dimension sheet. All fine and good. However, the computer invoice was apparently never updated and when I called a couple of weeks later to check on the stone (...we were not in a rush), they said the invoice dimensions (not the ones my wife signed off) were what would be used. I think it was a clerical error in that the invoice dimensions were never updated, but it did require that we scramble and submit a "change order" effectively just re-confirming the dimensions we originally wanted rather than the ones on the pro forma invoice. All worked out.

The staff was friendly, and two people loaded the cut and polished stone into the back of my truck and assisted with securing it. They also loaned a spring clamp to keep the stone from moving on the ride home.

We would return again for stone or counter tops.

P.S. For do-it-yourselfers, I would recommend building some sort of temporary support so that the stone can be transported on edge. Fortunately, we didn't have any issues, but Klassic Stone staff and others cautioned about laying a piece of stone down in the back of a truck as it could crack easily.

Mary S